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The Hostel

History Cuenca Hostel Posada del Angel


Hostal Posada del Angel is housed in a colonial-style building which was constructed approximately 120 years ago by a neighborhood priest. It was later sold to the Vázquez family and then to the Ramos Ugalde family, who distilled brandy in the house’s backyard. The property was uninhabited for a long period of time and eventually fell into disrepair.

In 1997, the house was purchased by the Hernández Bizzotto family, who hail from Argentina. The family began work on restoring the house in 2000, under the supervision of architect Alfredo Ríos, and restoration was finished a year and a half later. Great effort was made to preserve as much as possible of the original architecture and materials, though modern elements such as ceramic floors and lacquered wood finishings were added. Guest rooms were also built around the second courtyard, which was previously a garden.

At first, the family planned to build a student residence (hence the reason why most rooms have large closets!), but, as restoration progressed, they decided instead to create a small and comfortable hotel where tourists could feel at home.

The hotel owes its name, Hostal Posada de Angel, partly to the fact that many of the owner’s family members are called Angela or Angel, and also because the family believe in the existence of angels. As a result, many rooms and common areas are imaginatively decorated with angels.



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